Nica Porter

Psionic Human Ardent


Once a Mind Flayer thrall, now a young pirate lass serving on the Red Cutter with Captain Slygo.

Nica is an extremely attractive young woman. Her enchanting emerald eyes and shocking red hair make her stand out in any crowd. She knows that she is gorgeous and uses this to her advantage to charm the pants off her marks.



Nica is an extremely gifted wielder of psionic magic. She was born with the rare gift of telepathy. Because of these gifts, she was kidnapped at the age of three by the Cult of Xera, a group that worships the Mind Flayers of the Underdark as gods. Nica spent most of her early childhood on the tiny isle of Esclavo, which is a stone’s throw away from the island nation of Escape.

Deep in Esclavo’s caverns, where the sun is but a myth and the weight of the world crushes all hope, Nica was held as a thrall of the Mind Flayers. Her every waking moment was filled with living nightmares and her sleep was haunted by much worse. If not for her gifts, Nica would surely have gone insane, but as each day passed Nica became more and more powerful. Finally, after three years Nica broke free of the mental hold of the Mind Flayers and with her natural talents, managed to escape to the island of Escape.

On Escape, Nica quickly learned to use her abilities to blend in and to fend for herself. About a year and a half after arriving on Escape, Nica pulled a huge con on a very wealth sycophant who caused a huge stink. This brought her to the attention of Ralphie Porter, a young widower who had lost his wife and child to his gambling addiction. Ralphie took Nica in and raised her as his apprentice in the art of the con.

With Ralphie, Nica was happy for the first time in her young life, but she could never shake the feeling that she was meant for more. As her psionic power grew she became more and more restless. She wanted to find out where she came from, who her real parents were, and what her life was supposed to have been like. So at the age of 15, Nica said goodbye to Ralphie and set sail to discover her true purpose.

Nica eventually found herself in the life of a pirate aboard the Red Cutter under Captain Slygo. She made her way up the ranks. When Slygo was briefly dethroned, she stayed loyal to him and was imprisioned for her loyalty. When Slygo was returned to power by the crew of the Scurvy Bloom, he made Nica his First Mate, trusting that her psionic abilities would keep him aware of any future mutinous plans.


Nica shows very few side effects of the trauma of her early life. She is outgoing and flirty and uses her beauty and psionic powers to manipulate the weak minded into doing her bidding. However, she has a very strong moral code and cannot turn a blind eye to blatant evil. She does not steal from the poor and will never kill when she can help it.

Nica does carry a few scars from her past. Because she spent years in the deep, dark caverns of Esclavo, Nica is terrified of the dark and of small spaces. However, as a side effect of her captivity, she developed close range darkvision, so she can usually keep her panic in check. As a side effect of being held as a thrall of the Mind Flayers for three years, Nica is enraged when someone forcibly control her mind and is likely to go into a berserker fury against anyone who dares try. She is also sickened by slavery and takes a special delight in crushing the skulls of slave traders.


Nica is trying to find her true place in the world. She knows she is fated for something huge, but she has not been able to figure that out yet. To this end, she wants to find her true family because she thinks that they will give her a clue. For now she is content to serve with Slygo because she cannot shake the feeling that they are karmically linked.

Nica Porter

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