Pirates of the Ancient Seas

Into the Golden Ziggurat

The party delved into the Golden Ziggurat on the Isla de Fey and discovered that it was being guarded by Wild Elves to keep people from entering and if they do enter, from leaving.

The ziggurat housed the Lizardfolk, Bullywug, and other Reptilian/Amphibious followers of the long-forgotten and long-dead Snake Goddess, Kekuala. The followers were abducting the Wild Elves (and any other people unfortunate enough to travel to the Isla de Fey) and incubating them with some unknown fluid to turn them into Lizardfolk Thralls. The party themselves succumb to the incubation and fought it off to varying degrees of success.

Working their way through the temple below the ziggurat, the party accidentally awoke Kekuala when searching for a rumored grand treasure hidden away within the ziggurat’s depths. Two of the crew, having developed a partial madness from the incubation fluids, made their confrontation with Kekuala more difficult and one by one the crew fell to her wrath.

Kekuala is now free upon the world.

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