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Thar Be Pirates!

Welcome to the Ancient Seas, traveler! Glory and gold await on these here waters, but beware the many pirates the roam the seas!

Pirates of the Ancient Seas is a sand-boxy adventure for 4e with a mission and quest system inspired by the Grand Theft Auto series of games. What I mean by that is that the characters are introduced to factions and NPCs and as they progress with these groups, more and more potential quest lines are opened up to explore.

PotAS just experienced its first (and hopefully last) TPK. The world isn’t rebooting, but is instead jumping forward one year to show the consequences of the previous party’s failures in stopping the mad Snake Goddess Kekuala from rising.

Update (May 2013):
Pirates of the Ancient Seas is taking another leap forward, but this time backwards. Confused yet? Instead of dying, the original crew of the Scurvy Bloom was jaunted back in time to a primeval version of the Ancient (or not so ancient) Seas. The world is different and the laws of the universe and magic work differently.

What does this mean for the players and the characters? It means there are some mechanical changes coming, specifically a jaunt through the history of D&D as the PCs jaunt through the history of the world they know and love.

There are a number of ages in the history of the Ancient Seas that the players must battle and puzzle their way through in order to get back to their own time and stop the threat of the Mad Snake Goddess Kekekuala.

We’re starting with 0e (by way of Swords & Wizardry Complete/Core) and moving to 1e AD&D (via OSRIC), then to 2e AD&D, then to 3e (either through 3.5 or Pathfinder), and finally back to 4e. Though, there might be jaunt into the far future, into an alternate time destroyed by Kekekuala and her forces via D&D Next.

Update (October 2013)
This ambitious idea has been permanently put on hold. While this is the case, the campaign, characters, and story will be revisited in the future at some point. Though, likely with a non-D&D system.

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